Small Batch Sweets


Enough for Just a Few

You know how it is... you start craving something sweet and just can’t stop thinking about it. And if you make a normal-sized dessert or pan of bars, there’s just no resisting all those extra servings.

Meant for smaller households and great if you’re focusing on a smaller waistline, all of the dreamy concoctions and scrumptious desserts inside are designed for one to six servings. No more fretting over excessive sweets in the house. No more testing your willpower.

So whether you’re after something hot from the oven or cool and refreshing from the freezer, slow-cooked or microwave-fast, waffled or no-bake, you’ll find that perfect recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth.

From decadent Chocolate Cakes with Raspberry Buttercream and delectable Frozen Lime Cheesecakes to classic Crème Brûlée and simple Waffled Snickerdoodles, there’s something here for every chocolate impulse, fresh-baked urge, and sweet-treat whim.

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