Mug Shots: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Homemade Meals in Minutes

What’s a mug shot? It’s a made-in-a-mug, quick-cooking, single-serving recipe that is absolutely delicious and chock full of flavor. Exactly what you need, whether it’s breakfast on the run, a quick lunch at work, or a satisfying evening meal at home.

Try the luscious Raspberry Pancake, spicy Fire-Roasted Mac & Cheese, comforting Chicken & Stuffing “Bake”, or indulgent Angel Alfredo. Each is perfectly sized and convenient. No more eating leftovers or Chinese take-out every night of the week. No more heating your oven. No more waiting while your meal bakes. No more processed frozen microwave meals. No more boring.

If you’ve got a mug, a microwave, and a few minutes... you’ll smile for these Mug Shots!

Category: Cookbook

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