Garden to Grill


Grill recipes for garden–grown goodness!

Gather up the best of your crop and enjoy the glorious outdoors just a bit longer. With a little help from your grill, you’ll capture all the goodness, nutrition, and great taste in those crisp veggies and juicy fruits while enjoying distinct hints of sweet ’n’ smoky flavors you just can’t get with other cooking methods.

With little effort, enjoy the lip – smacking yumminess of Honey Peaches, Prosciutto – Wrapped Asparagus and Grilled Sweet Corn. Or ramp up the flavors in your produce in fun new ways with Zucchini Crusted BBQ Pizza, Chipotle – Lime Cauliflower Steaks and Puffed Fruit Tart. Let your grill take your produce to perfection!

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