Cereal Treats Cookbook


From Box to Bling: Cookies, Bars & Snacks

Think outside the bowl...
It all started with a simple cereal treat: a little butter, some gooey marshmallows, and cereal. But that was just the beginning... The revved-up treats in this book are still a cinch to make – quick and delicious, too – but now you can turn just about any box of cereal into an awesome treat, worthy of any dessert table!

Take it beyond “the original” with:

  • Fruit & Cereal Pizza – crunchy cereal flakes form the base for a dreamy filling topped off with luscious fruit
  • Ice Cream Crunch – your favorite ice cream tucked between lightly sweetened layers of cereal, peanuts, and coconut
  • Cool Kat Bars – make peanut butter magic when you combine crispy cereal, a bit of chocolate, and candy bar pieces for good measure
  • Sweet Tart Cups – Press cookie dough and fruity cereal into a muffin tin to create handy little cups you fill with a creamy, pucker-up blend of yumminess

Add a little bling to your humble cereal. This cookbook is perfect for anyone who loves cereal. 

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