Beer for Breakfast Cookbook


You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning…

Crack open a bottle and pour out some fun! Beer CAN a become part of the most important meal of the day. This cookbook was made with beer... AND breakfast lovers in mind!

Let’s face it—beer is delicious and loaded with possibilities. It’s full of all sorts of breakfast-y ingredients, comes in a huge range of flavors, and is undeniably versatile.

This cookbook is sure to be an instant success as you turn out hit after hoppy hit like Sunrise Nachos, Breakfast Braid of Champions, Kegs & Eggs Benny, and Bubbles, Spuds & Swine. And of course, you’ll get eye-opening recipes for drinks—Fizzy Navel, Smoky Mary, and Chai Beer Latte to name a few—and desserts like Stout Coffee Cake too. As a bonus, there’s also a Breakfast & Beer Pairing Guide inside.

So take advantage of beer’s full potential and start your day off right.

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